Top 16 Interesting Facts About Pizza

Hello readers ! I mostly find people talking about food, arguing on the cost of food, sometimes discussing the taste and much more. In short, you can easily consider most of the people living nearby, a real foodie. People just love to taste delicious dishes from all over th world. Italian, Chinese, Indian, American and much more. So here, we are going to mention the Top 16 Interesting Facts About Pizza, Hope, this will increase your hunger for this tasty Italian dish. Do not miss the 7th fact.

Top 16 Interesting Facts About Pizza

  1. There is a place in Alaska where the pizza is delivered by plane.

  2. Pizza Hut provided the facility of online ordering in 1994.

  3. Australia’s large pizza (11″) is smaller than US’s medium pizza (12″).

  4. According to the Pizza principle in New York pizza price matched with the cost of NYC subway ride for 50 years.

  5. Pizza Hut paid $1 million for transport and made a commercial delivery to the international space station in 2001.

  6. NASA is specially preparing to make 3D printer that can print pizza for their astronauts.

  7. 350 slices of pizza sold every second in America.

  8. Due to 2 hours late pizza delivery, UG Nazi (The Hacker group) took down the John’s Website.

  9. The name “Pizza” is taken from a family, the earliest frozen pizza company.

  10. Pizza hut fired a delivery driver for killing a robber.

  11. City’s Pure water is responsible for iconic taste of NYC pizza.

  12. First documented pizza order was Mushroom and extra cheese from Pizza hut.

  13. Due to an accident of Domino’s pizza delivery driver, they canceled their ’30 minutes or less’ delivery guarantee in 1993.

  14. World’s largest pizza is 122 feet, 8 feet in diameter.

  15. Esophageal cancer can be reduced by eating pizza once in a week.

  16. The world’s quickest pizza of 14 full size pies was prepared in just 2 minutes and 35 sec.

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