Top 10 Military Schools Worldwide

Hello readers, Once again we are taking you towards our main motive, the spread of education. In other words, learning in the most easiest way. Here, is the list of Top 10 Military Schools Worldwide. Just go through it and enhance your knowledge. Happy reading ahead.

  •  10 Royal Military College of CanadaThe Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) continues to produce officers for service in the Canadian armed forces. Canada has a rich military background of its own, though its contributions may have not drawn as much as the attention like other nations. The school has several education tracts available for students, depending on their particular commitment to serve the Canadian armed forces. During their first year, cadets are subjected to intense ideas.
  •  9 Royal Military Academy of BelgiumBelgium has maintained a professional military establishment, that stands ready to defend Belgium’s national interest and treaty obligations in NATO. Established in 1834 and based on French higher education standard, its purpose is to educate the future officers who will comprise the leadership of its armed forces. Admission for future students is competitive. Students with real potential successfully pass battery of military admission tests.
  •  8 Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras (Brazil)The name of this fine institution can be translated as “Military Academy of the Black Needles. The training is divided into three phases. The Agulhas Negras Military Academy is the principal source of commissioned officers for the Brazilian Army. The standard was granted in 1931 when the institution was named Escola Militar. The entrance into the school is difficult at best.
  • Federal Armed Forces University (Germany)The German armed forces are always capable and dangerous fighting machine. The Universität der Bundeswehr München was founded in 1973 with the aim of providing officers, a university education that would prepare them for civilian careers. However, these two universities are operated completely in a different way than most of the other military-run institutions of higher learning. The majority of students at FAFU are military.
  •  5  Korea Military AcademyThe Korea Military Academy is famous for its strict discipline, patriotism, and officer pupils. Technically the war has not ended as hostilities ceased with an armistice. As with most military academies, admittance is competitive and selective. Life in the academy is based on the Cadet Corps. However the highlight of the tour is the parade of the pupils. You can watch the students march with their flourishing formal suits.
  •  4 Ecole Speciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr (France)French national military academy founded in Fontainebleau in 1803 by Napoleon Bonaparte. Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are meant for two-hour physical training blocks, unlike many post-secondary military institutions. ESM does not offer undergraduate degrees. The purpose of the school, of course, is to train and educate students to become officers in the French armed forces.
  •  3 Australian Defense Force AcademyThe Australian Defense Force Academy (ADFA) is a unique partnership between the Department of Defense and UNSW Australia, approximately 800 Navy Midshipmen, army and Air Force Officer Cadets are currently enrolled in the three years. While the ADFA concentrates on providing the military oriented training to cadets, the University of New South Wales provides the tertiary education.
  •  2 Egyptian Military AcademyArmy recruits followed a basic training program that includes, some remedial literacy training. Some thought went into the selection of a military academy from the African continent. It’s interesting to note that, up until 1936, admission to EMA was reserved for the Egyptian social elite. Major General Esmat Mourad, the director of the Military Academy. He added that belonging to a political party or a religious group is prohibited in the army.
  •  1 National Defense Academy of JapanThe National Defense Academy of Japan (NDAJ) aims to uphold the prestige and honor of military service. The largest number of youth in 26 years followed in Iida’s footsteps to the college this year. Established in 1953 and located in Yokosuka, Kanagawa, NDAJ is a post-secondary military institution of higher learning. It is little bit surprising that military uniforms are such a rare sight on Japan’s streets that students often change into civilian dress when they leave campus.

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