How to search samagra ID(SSSM ID) – Portal

How to search samagra ID(SSSM ID) – Portal: The Madhya Pradesh Government launched a special type of ID for the people of MP. This ID has many useful benefits and the services provided by it are for the benefit of each and every member of the family. Just like the adhaar card, Samagra ID is for the benefit of the citizens through which they will have their own identity and then they can enjoy all the schemes and benefits provided by the government. The sssm id is different for every family and even family members, according to the rules of the samgra id there will be a 8 digit unique number for each family and a 9 digit number for each family member of a particular family.

How to search samagra ID(SSSM ID) – Portal

The samagra id is very useful for the citizens in many aspects, the first facility it provides is that it makes it easy for the regular and normal citizens to be aware of the central and state government schemes in which they can participate in. The other facilities provided by the government are pension, education scholarship and ration from the government alloted ration shops in affordable and correct price. The samagra id portal is very important to register the names and numbers of the family and to provide the benefits to everyone through it.

Benefits and Facilities of Samagra ID

The SSSM ID, the full form of which is Samagra Social Security Mission and is also known as the Samagra ID. The government of Madhya Pradesh has made the samagra portal login so that each and every member of the state can enjoy all the benefits easily. In the Initial launch of the samagra id, the only facility it provided was the scholarship for the students and then slowly it further extended to provide other benefits too.

Some of the changes or one can say the increase in the facility of this id were the pension will be provided to the old age people, also the availability of the ration for the people belonging to the economical weaker section, there is also coverage on food security and also the marriage assistance amount for the poor people unable to afford their or their children’s marriage. The only way to register is through an online portal which is provided by the government and from there one can easily get their id and can enjoy the facilities provided.

Search SSSM ID by Name and Mobile Number

This article will provide you all the official and original links of the websites from where you can reach the direct portal to get your samagra id. One can search for the id by using the family id search and get their sssm family id number by which they will be officially eligible to reap all the benefits from that scheme. Below provided are different links through which the sssm id will be provided to the people eligible for it:

Searching Samagra ID from the Mobile Number

If the mobile number is registered in the samagra portal then the id can be viewed easily by just using the mobile number. You should have to enter the mobile number, age group and the first two letters of your name to view it, for the direct portal visit click the link given below:

To search the ID from mobile number click here

Searching Samagra ID from a Family Members’ Name

If registered, one can view the samagra id by using their own or their family members name, the link for searching in this pattern will be given below. Some information is needed such as District, Current Address, Sex, First three letters of the name in English other additional details such as First three letters in English of the surname, Name of the zone and ward should be entered.

To search the ID from name click here

Searching Samagra ID for a Family Member by ID Number

To search the samagra id from the name of a particular family member there is not much information that is needed to be filled. By simply entering the id of the particular member of the family the ID can be printed to get the id card and avail the governmental benefits. The link is given below:

To print the ID from a family members’ id number 

You can also check out the official government website of SSSM by clicking here.

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