Health Insurance In The USA

In the United States, the health care sector is very expensive, if any US citizen wants to get treatment in any hospital, then the cost of treatment would be very high. So, there are various health insurance schemes provided by various insurance companies. These companies ensure that the citizens get proper health care in times of need and that they shouldn’t worry about the cost. The insurance companies cover some limited service providers, in this case, healthcare providers such as hospitals, doctors and health clinics, etc.

One can register the name in the insurance companies by paying for a premium yearly plan. The way this plan works is that any citizen would pay yearly and similarly, there will be others who pay the same premium plans, so the

company has enough to support any members’ medical bills. Not everyone that gets a premium plan uses it, a very small amount of people get sick or need the help of their health insurance plan, so it is easy for the insurance companies to pay for its customers. Every health insurance in the USA is of different types, some companies will cover the medical bill including medicines and other expenses, while others may cover different parts of the medical bills.

Types of Health Insurance in the USA

Along with private health insurance companies, the government also provides funds for various health care schemes for its citizens. Below the government schemes, as well as private schemes, are mentioned and a brief explanation is provided for such types of insurance:

Government Funded Insurance

  • National Health Insurance Medicare: This Medicare health insurance is mainly for the senior citizens i.e. over the age of 65. The government provides half of all the medical expenses, and the rest is paid either by an insurance cover or by the patient himself.
  • National Social Healthcare Program Medicaid: This is the only social healthcare program that is provided to the US citizens and covers the medial cost of those with low family income. This healthcare plan provides service to people with low income, children, pregnant women, senior citizens, and physically challenged or disabled people.

Private Health Insurance in the USA

Although the government provides the insurance schemes mentioned above, the majority of US citizens prefer private health insurance that covers different aspects of the medical bills, etc. These healthcare benefits also provide the facility to add on or get a top-up to include new types of health benefits that can be used by them. Though it is advisable to purchase an international health insurance scheme as the cost of the local healthcare in the USA is almost equal to international health insurance.

What Does the Health Insurance Cover?

Earlier, different health care plans covered different parts, some covered for the prescription while others covered the hospital expense and not the medical bills. After the standardization provided by the government, some parts are compulsory for all companies to cover and these are:

  • Hospitalization
  • Laboratory Tests
  • Maternity and Newborn
  • Mental and substance abuse treatment
  • Outpatient care
  • Pediatric Services which includes dental and vision
  • Rehab services
  • Prescription Drugs

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