CBSE Class 10th BluePrint & Marking Scheme 2020

The new session of CBSE has started, and with this new batch of students are ready to face their first-ever board exam. Undoubtedly everyone will try to score good marks, and hard work and regular study are keys to do it. But, knowing the latest CBSE blueprint for class 10th will enhance your chances of scoring good marks and put you in the right direction.

So, in this article to help students, we have covered all the latest blueprint of science, math, Social Studies, English and Hindi for CBSE class 10th. Though CBSE does not provide chapter wise weightage table like earlier, still one can get a lot of information from the existing blueprint. One of the best advantages of the blueprint is that you can plan your studies and make strategies according to the blueprint i.e you can prepare better for those topics that carry more marks.

The blueprint given below is taken from the official CBSE website but are presented in a much better way which makes it easy for students to better understand the latest CBSE marking scheme for the year 2019-20.

CBSE Class 10th BluePrint & Marking Scheme 2020

Knowing the marking scheme is one of the unspoken rules to get good marks. It will help you to understand how the copies for board exams are checked. You will know precisely for what steps the marks are given and for what mistakes marks are reduced. With this knowledge, you can adapt to the practice pattern as per CBSE in such a way that you can get maximum out of an answer in the board exam.

As we know that CBSE gives marks for steps and not just for the final answer, therefore, it becomes more important to know the marking scheme. So without wasting any time, let’s look at the CBSE blue pattern and marking scheme for the year 2019-20.

CBSE 10th Mathematics BluePrint 2020

Math is considered as one of the hardest subjects of all time, but it is also one of the most regarded and interesting subjects. One just needs to have patience and willingness to put hard work, with these two ingredients anyone can master math.

Take a look at the latest CBSE maths marking scheme for class 10th, and try to add these two ingredients to your practice and you will see how good results you can get out of it.

Unit name Total marks
Number System 6
Algebra 20
Coordinate Geometry 6
Geometry 15
Trigonometry 12
Mensuration 10
Statistics and Probability 11
Total 80

Q’s Description Number of Q’s Total Marks
1 mark Q’s 6 6
2 marks questions 6 12
3 marks questions 10 30
4 marks questions 8 32
Total 30 80

CBSE 10th Social science Blueprint 2020

Social science is one of the most underestimated subjects, usually, students are unwilling to give this subject the much needed time because it looks boring to them. But, the fact is that this is one of the most scoring subjects in class 10th. With just a few facts and points you can make big answers that will help you to score maximum marks for a question, especially in history. Subjects like Geography and Civics will not only help you to increase the overall percentage but will also help you to gain knowledge about your surroundings and your rights.

Unit Marks
India and the Contemporary World-II 20
Contemporary India-II 20
Democratic Politics-II 20
Understanding Economic Development 13
Total 80

Q’s Description Number of Q’s Total Marks
1 mark Q’s 9 9
3 marks Q’s 12 36
5 marks Q’s 7 35
Total 28 80

CBSE 10th Science Blueprint 2020

Science is a combination of physics, chemistry, and Biology. To make it easy for the students, CBSE has combined all three subjects into one so that students do not have to bear the burden of studying 3 subjects separately. But after 10th, students who opt for science has to study all three subjects separately.

Don’t worry, it may sound hard but if you are really interested in Science then this is the stream that you should choose. Also, in order to get science in class 11th you must get good marks, as different School set different minimum marks criteria to give science to students. So, if you are planning to take science in further classes then make sure to practice well and bring at least 70 + marks in math as well as science.

Unit name Total marks
Chemical Substances-Nature and Behavior 25
World of Living 23
Natural Phenomena 12
Effects of Current 13
Natural resources 07
Total 80

Q’s Description Number of Q’s Total Marks
1 mark Q’s (VSA) 2 2
2 marks questions (SA-I) 3 6
3 marks questions (SA-II) 10 30
5 marks questions (LA) 6 30
Practice-Based Questions 6 12
Total 27 80

CBSE 10th English Blueprint 2020

English is another subject that gives a student an opportunity to improve his/her percentage. All you need to do is give a bit of your time to this subject and you will see how it can boost your percentage. The easiest one is the literature section where you just have to read a chapter and keep the important lines in mind, and in exam you just have to write your opinion and the details of that chapter.

The grammar section is also quite easy for someone who is good at English, but for those who find hard to cope with English, grammar can be difficult. But as we know, practice and hard work is the key to success.

Sections Marks
Reading Skills 20
Writing Skills with Grammar 30
Literature Textbook and Extended Reading Text 30
Total 80

Q’s Description Number of Q’s Total Marks
1 mark Q’s 28 28
2 marks questions 08 16
3 marks questions 2 16
4 marks questions 2 20
Total 40 80

Section Number of Q’s Marks
A (Reading) 2 20
B (Grammar & Writing) 5 30
C (Literature) 4 30
Total 11 80

CBSE 10th Hindi Blueprint 2020

Hindi is the best subject you will face in your entire student life. It is like a bonus stage where students get lots of opportunities to add to his or her overall marks. Smart people know that if there is any subject which can give maximum output by just putting some or no efforts at all, then it has to be this subject. Don’t take it lightly as it can be an easy subject, but has the ability to change the entire landscape of your report card.

Sections Marks
Reading Skills 20
Writing Skills with Grammar 30
Literature Textbook and Extended Reading Text 30
Total 80

Q’s Description Number of Q’s Total Marks
1 mark Q’s 18 18
2 marks questions 11 22
5 marks questions 5 40
Total 34 80

Paper pattern for Hindi A

Section Number of Q’s Marks
A (Reading) 1 10
B (Grammar) 4 16
C (Literature) 5 34
D (Writing) 3 20
Total 13 80

Paper pattern for Hindi B

Section Number of Q’s Marks
A (Reading) 1 10
B (Grammar) 5 16
C (Literature) 5 28
D (Writing) 5 26
Total 16 80

Hope you all like these blueprints for CBSE 2020 board examination. Stay tuned for more updates related to the CBSE 10th exam.

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