BSF Ranks and Salary, Grade Pay, Pay Band, Salary Per Month, Salary Slip

BSF Ranks and Salary, Grade Pay, Pay Band, Salary Per Month, Salary Slip (Constable, HC, SI, ASI): BSF (Border Security Force), as the name suggests is a border defense organisation of India. It was formed during the early rising of the 1965 war. It is an armed police force which guards the border in peacetime and ensures that any type of transnational crime doesn’t take place.

From it’s formation until now, it has a total of around 186 battalions with the strength of around 2,50,000 and also includes an expanding air wing, marine wing, artillery regiment and also commando units. The per month bsf salary according to the post of the officers is quite enough to make it your dream job.

A lot of people are interested in joining the bsf and everyone has their own reasons, while some want to join because they want to serve their country, others want because they feel that it has a good salary and also the job security and which is totally alright because you can’t be a patriot and serve your country right if you don’t have the money.

BSF Per Month Rank Wise Salary 2018-19

Before joining the bsf, it is good to know about the bsf ranks and salary which is offered monthly according to the ranks. Doing research before applying for the job will help you in clearly doing your thing without any doubt, which is also a quality of a good officer and will make you one.

Knowing about the bsf per month salary will be good for you as it will give you a knowledge about how much a personnel is paid for what rank, what would the salary be after a year or two, what is the increment etc.

So, below given is a full salary chart with the grade pay, pay scale and bsf rank wise salary.

Ranks Pay Scale Grade Pay Approx. Total
Director General Apex scale
Spl Director General 37400 to 67000 12000 105000
Additional Director General 37400 to 67000 12000 105000
Inspector General 37400 to 67000 10000 95000
Deputy Inspector General 37400 to 67000 8900 85000
Commandant 37400 to 67000 8700 82000
 Second-in-Command 15600 to 39100 7600 73000
Deputy Commandant 15600 to 39100 6600 65000
Assistant Commandant 15600 to 39100 5400 52000
Subedar Major 9300 to 34800 4800 45000
Inspector 9300 to 34800 4600 40000
Sub-Inspector 9300 to 34800 4200 35000
Assistant Sub Inspector 5200 to 20200 2800 31000
Head Constable 5200 to 20200 2400 27000
Constable 5200 to 20200 2000 23000
Enrolled Follower 4440 to 7440 1300 18000

Note: All the salaries mentioned in the above table are not the exact salaries, these are just the approximation of the salaries and the amount may significantly vary. So, please don’t entirely depend on this table, this table gives you a basic idea of the approximate salary according to the ranks.

Ranks in the BSF

The rank structure of the bsf is divided into two categories i.e. Gazetted Officers and Non-Gazetted Officers.

The ranks of the Gazetted Officers in increasing order is:

Assistant Commandant => Deputy Commandant => Second-in-Command => Commandant => Deputy Inspector General => Inspector General => Additional Director General => Special Director General => Director General.

Ranks of the Non-Gazetted Officers in increasing order is:

Constable => Head Constable => Assistant Sub Inspector => Sub Inspector => Inspector => Subedar Major.

BSF Promotion

The promotion in the bsf is also according to the categories, it is different for both Gazetted and Non-Gazetted Officers. Before promotion, every officer is required to pass a pre-promotion course, according to the merit in this course a personnel gets their promotion.The officers under Non-Gazetted category get promotion according to the merit like constable to head constable or head constable to sub inspector.

There are various criteria that one should fulfil in order to get promoted in the bsf. On the other hand, for the promotion in the Gazetted Officer category one does not need to pass any of the pre-promotion course, but there are other ways or requirements to fulfil to get the promotion. After the promotion it is obvious that the per month bsf salary will increase.

Now, you might have got the basic idea about the basic pay, monthly salary and how the promotion works for both Gazetted and Non-Gazetted Officer. So, wish you all the best for your future and if you have any doubt just comment below, and we will reach out to you as soon as we can and we will be more than happy to help you. Jai Hind.

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