A Guide for office 365 backup

A Guide for office 365 backup. Hey, welcome to another article. Here you will learn everything about the office 365 backup. But for that, you have to read the whole article thoroughly. In today’s era where everything is online and always have the risk of data getting corrupted or hacked.

To tackle all these types of problems Microsoft introduce the office backup so that if by any chance your data get corrupt or hacked then you can have backup data so that you don’t face any data loss. The benefits of easy access to documents from any device and improved collaboration are obvious.

A Guide for office 365 backup

Many organizations believe that moving to Office 365 means there is no need for backup anymore. According to a recent Enterprise Strategy Group report, one in four businesses do not believe in backing up their company data in Office 365.

Although, Microsoft does not guarantee total and fast restores of your deleted or corrupted Office 365 data. In other words, Microsoft assures you that office 365 backup won’t lose your data. However, Microsoft doesn’t make any guarantees about recovering the data for you.

Microsoft provides:

  • It gives protection against loss of service due to hardware failure or natural disaster of your data.
  • Short-term protection against the user and admin error like Recycle Bin, soft delete.

You must protect your data against loss due to:

  • Accidental deletion
  • Hackers, ransomware, and other malware
  • Malicious insiders
  • Departing employees

Best MS Office 365 Backup Solutions

All the backup vendors have to rely on a combination of multiple new and legacy APIs to backup and restore the Office 365 data that is accessible and can be retrievable. In our suggestion, we believe that Veeam, Afi, and Spanning have the best Office 365 backup solutions as of 2021.

We also provide a table under for more clarification:

Rank Vendor
Overall Score Backup Speed Success Rate Sales in 2019 Market Share
#1 Veeam 7.3 2.3 MB/sec 98% ~$30M 27%
#2 Afi n/a 5.8 MB/sec 99% n/a n/a
#3 Spanning 6.8 3.5 MB/sec 95% ~$9M 8%
#4 SkyKick 6.5 1.4 MB/sec 98% ~$10M 9%
#5 Druva 6.3 2.1 MB/sec 98% ~$2M 2%
#6 Datto 5.9 4.0 MB/sec 92% ~$12M 11%
#7 CodeTwo 5.8 2.3 MB/sec 91% ~$1M 1%
#8 Synology 3.5 2.2 MB/sec 91% *~$3M 3%
#9 SysTools 2.0 0.2 MB/sec 87% <$1M <1%

As you can see in the table we suggested that the Veeam is in the topmost rank than any other backup solution for office 365.

Veeam Office 365 Backup

Veeam has automatic UI and a wide range of supported Ofiice 365 data sources, including Teams data sources. It needs to be installed on a Windows machine and has to be connected to a storage repository for working properly.

To use all Veaam features you will need to install additional applications and libraries for Veeam office 365 backup, including Veeam Explorer for SharePoint, Veeam Explorer for Exchange, and Veeam Explorer for Microsoft OneDrive for your own business.

To use indexed search for Exchange you will also need the Extensible Storage Engine library installed on your backup server where you want to store all of your data and need it in the future.

The benefit of office 365 backup

There are some benefits of using office 365 backup which we all provide here in this section. Read thoroughly and understand every little detail about office 365 backup.

Comprehensive protection

Backup for Microsoft 365 supplies organizations with reliable backup and recovery for your Microsoft office 365. Here unlimited storage space and an unrestricted retention policy guarantee that your valuable data will remain fully backed up and recoverable at any time you need it.


Spanning provides daily, automated Microsoft office 365 backup. This does auto-discovers new and altered content to back up your data. This takes place as part of a recurring, incremental backup process that runs quietly in the background. So, each and every day without any additional effort from your admins or users you can get back your data.

On-demand backup

Automated backups don’t provide you with enough backup points for your comfort. You can supplement with on-demand Microsoft office 365 backups as often as you see it. These backups are performed manually and can be applied to entire user accounts or the ones you select using a number of granular options.

Transparent reporting

Utilize the immutable record log for a transparent, actionable report of each and every Microsoft office 365 backup. All the admins are given a clear, comprehensive insight into the state of all backup and restore activities, which you can view directly within the application.

Some Important points about Office 365 Backup

In this section, down in the article, we provide you with some important points that you might have to know about the office 365 backup.

How do you back up Office 365?

The backing up of Office 365 is easy, as long as you choose the solution that works best for you or for your company. There is some functionality such as automatic backups, backing up is simple, and many solutions offer the fast recovery of applications and data.

How does backing up help your business to become compliant?

You don’t have to worry about losing your data. Because many Office 365 backup solutions are incredibly flexible. In other words, you can keep your email data for as long as you need, and tailor it to meet the compliance needs of your business. You have to ensure the constant availability of data is also a key to meeting the requirements of many compliance standards, including GDPR.

How often should You back up your data?

We advise you to backup data on a regular basis, but this means in real time might depend on which compliance mandates you need to adhere to, the kind of your data that you hold on to, and what you use this data for.

How flexible is Office 365 backup?

Most of the backups which are present in the market are easily scalable and can grow along with the needs of your business. Moreover, you can often restore your data directly to the form that you require, whether it’s an Office 365 mailbox, or an on-premises Exchange mailbox, a PST file, or an email attachment. It makes it easy to access data wherever and whenever you need it.

Hopefully, you liked our article on A Guide for office 365 backup. If you have any doubts then you can feel free to ask us in the comment section. We are glad to help you out.

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