10 Ways How To Learn And Remember Current Affairs & General Knowledge

Obviously you are preparing for some sort of competitive exams right now, well if we talk about competitive exams, general knowledge plays a vital role in them and learning or remembering general knowledge(Current Affairs) is one of difficult job in a very sort time and mostly when you are really not interested in it.
Mainly there are Four kind of candidates on the basis of general knowledge, Math and Science parts, which are as follow.

1. One having G.K part very strong but having science and math part weak.
2. One having Science and Math strong but having G.K part weak.
3. One having both the parts strong, and they crack  the exams @Easily.
4. Well you know well about 4th kind of guys 🙂

And in my opinion you are the 2nd one that’s why you are here, so i will make this article worthy to you. Read out below points and try them, surely you will find something useful.

How To Learn And Remember Current Affairs & General Knowledge

  • 1 Use Sticky NotesMost of the student always do a big mess with their room walls. They just stick some papers from their notebook on the wall, is this ok? No absolutely not, there are two reasons for that.
    1. You are making your wall Maculate.
    2. Remember papers are good for notebook and not for the wall, you write so much on a single paper and at the time of reading that paper which is sticking on your wall makes you a little confused over that paper. If we talk about historic general knowledge then paper is good thing but do not use papers in case of remembering Current Affairs.
  • Why Sticky Notes?
    Sticky notes are colorful and smaller in size this restricts you to write important things only. Now what happens in case of current affairs is that you could not judge which Affair is important and which is not.
    Sticky notes makes this easy for you, just write current Affairs in very brief and paste it to anywhere you want, also keep in mind that you wont paste all your sticky notes at a single place this will again create a mess.
  • 2 Explore OnlineA huge number of websites are providing cool platforms to learn and practice general knowledge and current affairs, well is most advance over other websites. Exploring general knowledge and current affairs online will become even more helpful in comparison with Newspapers and Books. Online reading is endless you can Dig graves about a single topic. Just checkout our General Knowledge And Current Affair Section and start it now wards.
    And whenever you find something important online, just make it save into your word files and after that filter out your word files and find most important lines and words and write down to your notebook or sticky notes, this really helps a lot.
  • 3 Love GK

    Surely one of your subject is strong because you have a good and deep interest in it and this is the key step to learn anything in this world. You can be the jack of anything, only thing you have to do is to love and take interest in it. Until you take interest in GK or reading current affairs, i bet, you will always remain an empty bottle.
    First, start loving General knowledge and reading current affairs and then whatever you read or learn in GK, do it with full of enthusiasm and after 15 to 17 days you will find yourself a GK buddy. Just try it.

  • 4 Start Reading Newspaper & Watching NEWSIt is a matter of fact that youth takes only a little interest with Newspaper and NEWS, Well if you really wanted to boost up your general knowledge then you must go for reading Newspaper and Watching NEWS, these both the thing keeps you update with current happenings around the world and believe me if you start doing this you will get addicted, but initially you have to put yourself into it by following the 2nd point.
  • 5 Discuss With FriendsWhenever you learn or read general knowledge questions or some important current affairs just discuss your learned or read things with your friends, this will help you to retain your learning for a longer time and also if your friend or friends have much good knowledge in GK than you, then you will be able to dig your learning to more deeper.
    But remember one thing if your friend is dumb one then don’t go for it. So having a good friend circle plays a very important role in your learning process.
  • 6 Download Apps On Your Smart phoneSmartphone is one of your closest friend ever. If you haven’t get a smartphone yet then buy it (and i prefer android phones). But if you have one, then this gadget is now going to help you to learn and practice general knowledge. There are number of mobile application based on Current Affairs and general knowledge, Just have a visit on your App store and search for General knowledge or Current Affairs, And you’ll get a number of free apps by which you can practice your general knowledge and current affairs whenever you need.
  • 7 Go SocialOften people says that using Facebook and other social networks are waste of time and nothing else but wait this is not like that, if you are addicted to Facebook or other social networks then you can make a good use of them. Lets talk about Facebook, In Facebook number of Pages has been created by number of people, Just type General knowledge or current affairs or any exam name which you are preparing for in the FB search box, After that you will find some results having some useful pages, just grab one page by Liking it and subscribing it. Now every time when you will visit to Facebook you will find something interesting for your competitive exams, This tip really works, the only thing you have to do is not to waste your time in chatting with other people.

    8 Maintain a Pocket Dairy

    Pocket diary has been proved to be a very successful stuff with the only reason that we can take it anywhere, Although Smart phones can do the same job like pocket dairy do, but pocket diary has its own value. Ok now how to use your pocket dairy, in your pocket dairy write only useful things like important dates, important current affair or something in which you are finding difficulty to learn. Also if possible divide your pocket diary into many sections like one section for Dates, Oe section for inventions and so on, this will help you to summarize your writing in your dairy.

  • 9 Join Online QuizWell this point is more same as the 6th point, but in case you don’t have a smartphone and you have a computer with internet connection then you can join online test, For example you want to give a general knowledge test based on Inventions then, type invention general knowledge question and answers on Google search page, you will get a huge number of results having your requirement just open any listed site and start your online test.
  • 10 Start Reading MagazinesOnly a few students loves to read magazines but one thing you should know about a magazine is that every magazine is written on current happenings around the globe, if you really want to build your General Awareness to be strong then you should start reading magazines, a magazines covers every story in a very interesting and descriptive way this helps you to learn and remember things for a longer time and if we compare a magazine with a normal book(Books for competitive exams) then surely a magazine is a better way to read.

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